Added to Whitmoor Barrow under CROOKSBURY LINE

This is a couple of paragraphs added to the page of WHITMOOR BARROW on the CROOKSBURY LINE.

Barrows were often constructed so that from the valley below they stood out on the skyline, but when one approaches it becomes apparent that the mound is not on the highest point, it is fairly unusual to find a barrow on the actual summit of a hill. Maybe the original occupation site of barrow builders can be deduced by a study of sightlines. It is probable that the Newlands Corner Barrow was visible from the Weston Wood settlement. There are very few other viewpoints where the mound would have stood out on the skyline. Other barrows such as Whitmoor cannot be ‘skylined’ from any position due to their low-lying location.  It would have made far more sense for the builders to have positioned the barrow some two hundred metres further south with views down over the Wey valley to Farley Hill and vistas to the East and West.  Why then was this seen as a favourable spot?

The barrow is ten and a half kilometres north of the latitude of Stonehenge (51º10’44”).  The latitude at the barrow is 51º16’26” leading to the idea that the solstice sightings would be similar.  Also, the Stonehenge average moonrise and moonset on the 18.61 year cycle is about 133 degrees and 231 degrees, almost exactly the same as the CROOKSBURY and NEWLANDS LINES.  This is an area where much more research awaits.


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