Frowsbury Barrow

Frowsbury Barrow is perfectly placed upon the intersection of two good alignments.  It is the fourth of six points on the excellent WAVERLEY LINE and the mid-point of the short FROWSBURY LINE.

Plan of Frowsbury Barrow

251_15+ Frowsbury Barrow REV

The barrow stands next to a fairway of Puttenham Golf Club and is easily accessed from the Pilgrim’s Way long-distance footpath a few metres to the north.  The code for this site is 251/15+, the plus sign showing that it is more than 15 Druid Miles along the line from the base point at Whitmoor Barrow.  It is 41 metres across with a ditch bringing the overall width to 47.5 metres and is 2.4m high.  In 1857 Queen Victoria reviewed her troops from the top, and a stone tablet and a flagpole commemorate this. The lines pass well within the body of the barrow just south of the flagpole.  The barrow is indistinct on natural raised ground and is only obvious when viewed from the south across a fairway.   There is a large greenkeeper’s shed close to the north side, which seems to be built in a shallow quarry. There are pine trees between the shed and the barrow, but the mound’s topis grassy with some bracken and heather to the east side.   Where the surface is exposed it is very sandy.

Frowsbury Barrow from the south

Frowsbury Barrow from the south


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