Northbrook LBA Site to be added to ARTINGTON LINE

The October 2019 edition of the Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin contains an article on the recent discovery from aerial photographs of a possible Late Bronze Age (LBA) ringwork or fort, some 85 metres in diameter, adjacent to the A31 trunk road between Farnham and Alton at Northbrook, near the village of Bentley.   It has been suggested that the earthwork is some 3000 years old and by comparison to the eleven other similar earthworks in England which have been investigated, to be a site of very high status,  I am not sure how this conclusion was reached and have been unable at this time to find any clarification on the internet.   The aerial photographs in the article show a very faint darker circle bisected by a boundary hedge.   I have looked through all the historic imagery on Google Earth and can see no trace of it.  Surveys by gradiometer and resistance meter were carried out in September 2019 and found a ditch some 10m wide within the bend of a silted-up river course on the western side.

This monument is some way out to the west of my area of interest, but I thought it worth checking the Ordnance Survey coordinates (E 480703 N 144423) out of curiosity and was surprised to find that it fell precisely on an extension of my ARTINGTON LINE which ran through it a few metres north of the centre.   At a distance of twelve miles from Guildford, it is beyond my working parameter but the accuracy is extraordinary, although at the moment I will assume coincidence until proved otherwise.

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