Stoke Church

Plan of Stoke Church

Site plan Stoke Church

Stoke Church from SW

Stoke Church from the south-west

: The alignment passes along the wall to the road frontage above.  The church, dedicated to St John, is mainly modern, having suffered at the hands of Victorian restorers, and the earliest physical evidence is some internal detail of the 14th century.  However, it is known to be on the site of an earlier structure.  Before 1785 the road ran past the east side of the church.   In that year William Aldersey, the owner of Stoke Park, laid out the present Stoke Road cutting through the graveyard.  It would be interesting to know whether any remains of earlier structures were seen during these works.

This alignment, which terminates in the centre of Shalford Church, passes through the corner of Holy Trinity Church in Guildford High Street, but the alignment of Whitmoor Barrow, the centres of Stoke Church and Holy Trinity Church, at point six of a degree to the east, Is extremely precise.  Despite this I am inclined to believe that this is coincidental at this time.


Stoke Church from the North

Stoke Church from the north


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