Work in progress

It is over a month since my last post but I have not been idle.  Further snippets of information have been added to some pages, and a lot of reading and researching has been done.  The website is probably as good now as I can get it – It has cost me quite a bit to get this far but, as hobbies go, it is a lot cheaper than playing golf!

I spend a lot of time viewing Google Earth, scanning the historic imagery in the hope of finding crop marks, and yesterday noticed that a new yellow ‘Place of Worship’ symbol had been added to a large building, the corner of which measured nine metres from the COMPTON LINE.  Clicking on the symbol revealed that it was the residence of the Bishop of Guildford, the attached photograph displayed a large country mansion of early 20th-century style called Willow Grange at Jacobs Well.  The half Druid Mile point fell upon the parking area just to the east side of the house.  It is extremely unlikely that this house was evolved from an ancient religious site and I mention this to show that if one is not careful one can find coincidences where nothing of importance exists.

Incidentally, on the COMPTON LINE, the ‘Place of Worship’ symbol for Compton Church has been moved to a large house 230 metres to the north.


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